This is an ongoing Pathfinder Campaign blog.

Pathfinder stemmed from 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons from the OGL (Open game license), it is now somewhat more than that and is often referred to as the D&D 3.75 edition.

I will also be using the world that Pathfinder is set in as our Campaign backdrop, the world of Golorian. This world is much richer (IMHO) than say for instance, The Forgotten Realms. It is home to lands overrun by demons spewing from a great rift, Egyptian and Arabian-esque settings, Horror settings akin to Ravenloft, a land where a great space ship crashed and now the lands inhabitants have learned to hunt for and harness the power of the ‘artifacts’ that remain from the vessel, there of course is still typical high fantasy / medieval lands, basically Golorian is home to almost any kind of fantasy or real world historical setting you can imagine and paves the way for much more interesting adventures and discoveries than in other more well established settings.

I had considered starting people from a higher level since everyone started at 1st level in the recent 5th Edition D&D Forgotten Realms adventure we played however it is just not possible without having to re-work 6 full published adventures (The Adventure Path series of Campaigns) and time does not permit, it would also detract from the adventures which are clearly designed around starting at first level and advancing well into the higher levels per campaign.

If all goes to plan, we should finish any given Campaign (Adventure Path) in basically 12 months, assuming we play once a month. You will start at 1st level and will advance to the upper levels of character progression by its conclusion.

I am also considering opening up the character Race options so that people can play exactly what they want to play. Sadly Luke, there are no Warlocks in this setting but there are Sorcerers and Witches and some new classes as well. Happy to discuss character race and class wants with players and see what we can find that is the closest to what you would like to play. Its all about your fun as well.

Hoping this will be a long running campaign. I have certainly invested $$$’s as well as my time in it so far. Lets see how it goes and please, please, never be afraid to give feedback or straight out tell me if the game isn’t working for you.

Each Adventure Path Campaign runs for 6 Adventures (which will likely equate to 12 gaming sessions = 1 year), I will run one then hopefully Micheal will take over on the second one and we will alternate between DM’ing duties where possible. We will both have a character each which will become an NPC when we are DM’ing.

We will be running through the ‘Adventure Path’ series of modules in publication order as I am anal like that.

The first Adventure Path being…


Pathfinder Campaign

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